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Professional Association of Certified Tank Cleaners

Our APLICA partnership, was created in 1992 and is made up of companies whose primary activity is the internal cleaning of highway tanks, an essential part in the efficiency of the logistics chain.
The partnership aims in particular to :

  • Take part in all discussions with the French and EU authorities on regulations relating to the cleaning of various containers
  • Provide information to its members
  • Develop :
    • Its relations with partnerships representing carriers in different categories of transport and with partnerships representing shippers.
    • A communication policy on the cleaning of various containers
    • Its relations with partnerships which share the same aims in other EU states and beyond.
  • Undertake any proceedings which might serve the interests of members in the field of cleaning of various containers.

One line of work has been the creation of a cleaning certificate implemented in 1993.
Seeking European harmonisation, under the auspices of EFTCO, a cleaning certificate called ECD – European Cleaning Document (protected by copyright) was created in 2011. This document is issued under certain conditions and only by adhering stations of different national associations, members of EFTCO.

Some figures :

  • 76 adhering stations
  • More than 80% of internal cleaning of tanks
  • 550000 washes

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