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Conditions of membership

Under article 6 of the association’s statutes « CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP- FORMALITIES - OBLIGATIONS OF THE MEMBER »

Membership is granted to any person respecting the following conditions :

  • Working in the cleaning trade.

  • Being open to third parties.

  • Meeting all the criteria described in article 1 of the rules of procedure, and in particular complying with the regulations concerning facilities requiring environmental impact assessment (ICPE).

Membership provides that any member present on home soil, should meet the following criteria :

1.1 Regulatory requirements

The member should :

  • Submit the various administrative documents enabling him or her to operate an establishment under section 2795 of the ICPE nomenclature.

  • Either have implemented all the requirements of the prefectoral order if the station is subject to authorization or respect the ministerial order if the station is subject to notification.

  • Report to the partnership all changes to the prefectoral order and or authorizations.

1.1 APLICA requirements


Possess a valid SQAS assessment (Sustainability and Quality Assessment Systems) in CORE & TANK CLEANING with minimum overall positive results of 65 %.

1.2.2 ECD EFTCO certificate

  • Only use, for the internal cleaning of highway tanks, the ECD EFTCO cleaning certificate, issued by APLICA

  • Have the administrative tools to enable the computer publishing of the ECD EFTCO cleaning certificate, issued by APLICA

  • Follow the ECD EFTCO rules of use


Possess technical means adapted to cleaning, including amongst others :

  • Have covered and impervious tracks dedicated to the internal cleaning of tanks

  • Have a recovery system for water originating from the cleaning

  • Have tracks equipped with wash heads

  • Have adapted and controlled staff protection

  • Have all means of safety and hygiene


The process of internal cleaning of the containers is to be performed exclusively by station staff.

All staff (track and administration) must undergo APLICA training in the 6 months following recruitment and must renew it every 3 years.


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